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S.Padma 's Case

Husband Name:Chander
Village:Sabavath thanda

Case Details:

Padma has four daughters. She and her husband do not own any land and live by earning daily wages. When her last daughter was born her family(husband and mother-in-law) harrassed her, beat her up and threw her out of the house and insisted that the girl baby should be given away at the government cradle. One of the staff members at the cradle centre alerted Gramya. With our support she kept her daughter and decided to live at our hostel. After much counselling her husband promised not to kill the baby and agreed to take her back. The baby is doing well. Padma has been given two goats to increase her annual income. Gramya also came into conflict with the government system which encourages giving away girls resulting in devaluation of the girl child.