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Jiggilapuram Pavani's Case

Husband Name:Yettaiah

Case Details:

Pavani is in love with Surendar Reddy. Surendar Reddy lives in the same village. Whenever Pavani was going and returning to house from their agricultural well, which is located near village tank at the outskirts of Anatharam village and used to get close each other resulting in her pregnancy. The parents were not able to identify her pregnancy until a test in her 8 month. The case was dealt by local NGOs but Surendar Reddy told that she donít know who is Pavani and he is not anyway related to the case. The case was lodged in the police station. On 24-10-2012, Pavani gave birth to boy at Gandhi Hospital, Secunderabad. Pavani and her boy was staying in Gramya hostel. DNA reports are yet to be collected.