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Medaram Rameswari's Case

Husband Name:Sattaiah

Case Details:

Rameshwari is from the Chakali caste. She has 4 daughters and was being forced to give away her last daughter. She refused to do this and her information was provided to us by our volunteer Ms Padma. Gramya initially supported her with food provisioning for 6 months. She has also had herself sterilized so that her husband Sattiah who is a lorry driver and also alcoholic does not pressurize her to continuously try to have a son. Rameshwari struggles to make both ends meet and works as a domestic . She has left her older girls in the village and moved to Hyderabad with the youngest. She requested support to buy a buffalo which will be looked after by her mother in the village who takes care of her three children. One daughter is differentially- abled and cannot hear. She is currently integrated into the local village school. We are exploring possibilities to send her to a school to get special help. The buffalo cost Rs 6,000. Income from sale of milk will support her daughters partially in the coming months.