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Ramavath Renuka's Case

Husband Name:Ramavath Renuka
Village:Sherpally Pedda Than

Case Details:

Renuka is married to Ramesh 9 years ago. Ramesh is an Autodriver and earns Rs 200 per day. Renuka has 3 daughters. The elder daughter Sumitra (8 years) is studying the Devarkonda government school. The second daughter, Pavithra (6 years) is studying the government school in Sherpally Pedda Thanda. The younger girl, Lakshmi Prasanna is 15 days old and Ramesh wanted to sell her daughter in Hyderabad. Lakshmi Prasanna was taken to Hyderabad and this case was informed by the local Sarpanch Chand to the Gramya Staff. The staff gave counseling to the couple and the baby was taken back.