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Eslavath Vijji's Case

Husband Name:Papa Naik
Village: Dubbathanda

Case Details:

Vijji has one son and three daughters. In spite of this, her husband Papa Nayak refused to let her undergo a Tubectomy. She conceived again and a daughter was born. At this time, the whole family are harassing her and insisting that she should throw away one daughter. However, Vijji is keen to take care of the child. Her husband gave away the daughter at the cradle center without her knowledge. After three days, she came to the cradle center and wanted her child back. However, the ayahs there refused to give the child back stating they did not know that she was the mother. Gramya intervened at this time and called the Press to highlight the issue. With this threat and calls from various officials, the child was returned to the mother. She was taken to the Gramya School for overnight shelter and the following morning, after counseling her husband, she has returned home. Gramya will support the family for the next 6 months till Vijji goes back to work.