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Korra Bujji's Case

Husband Name:Pandu
Village:Kattakommmu Thanda

Case Details:

Bujjiís husband works as a hamali and is landless. Bujji herself works as a Mini Anganwadi ayah. When her 4th daughter was born her husband harassed her to give away the baby. He is also an alcoholic and was ill treating her by selling all the household utensils when he needed cash for alcohol. Though they already had a son , her husband Pandu was insisting that they keep trying to have a son. Gramya was alerted to the problem by another woman who had received help. While Pandu was educating his son he refused to send the girls to school. With our intervention we were able to counsel Pandu that he should practice contraception. While we suggested that he should undergo a vasectomy he decided that he would allow Bujji to undergo a Tubectomy. This was carried out. Due to the difficult situation at home the Kasturi was initially neglected. Gramya staff counseled the family regularly to ensure that Kasturiís health improved. She was referred to Pediatricians in Hyderabad and under their guidance her health has improved and she is now healthy. Gramya staff struggled with the family and now Bujji looks after her well.