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Nenavath Lalitha's Case

Husband Name:Gema
Village:Cheruvu Kommu Thanda

Case Details:

Lalitha is married to Gema in 2006. Gema is a daily wage worker. They donít own any land. Lalithaís in-laws live along with the couple. Lalitha gave birth to a baby girl(Sindhu) in her first delivery. Gema scolded her due to giving birth to a girl and warned her to kill her in case of another girl in her next delivery. Lalitha gave birth to a girl again. Gema scolded her and ordered her to drop the baby in the cradle. Gema became an alcoholic. Lalitha is unable to run her livelihood and unable to breast feed her daughter due to lack of hygienic food. The case came to Gramya notice. Gramya provided food support for six months.