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CH.Venkattama's Case

Husband Name:Syedulu

Case Details:

Shivani the girl baby in the picture lost her mother in child birth. Her father died a few days later when he was bitten by a snake. Both the parents from the Chenchu tribe lived together with their extended family. The girl was adopted when she was 25 days old by her cousins who are also very poor. Ms Venkattama and her husband Syedulu were struggling for their own livelihood. They are landless and make a living through wage labour. This situation was brought to the notice of Gramya through a local leader Mr Jayayendra Naik who was alerted by the Anganwadi worker in the village. Gramya has supported them initially by providing food to the family for six months. We also provided milk for the baby till she reached one year of age. Now to ensure regular additional income to take care of the child, two goats are provided. The family (grandmother in above photograph)will rear the goats and sell young ones annually . When Shivani is old enough to join school ,Gramya will ensure her enrollment in the bridge school and later in the government hostel to ensure higher education. Currently she goes to the local Anganwadi.