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V Saroja's Case

Husband Name:Mothilal

Case Details:

Saroja is from ST Lambada community. Saroja is married to Mothilal six years ago. Saroja is from Dasarapalli village, Chandampet. The family is having ration card and job card facility. They got house from Indira Gruha Patakam but due to lack of money they stopped building home in the middle. They are having ľ acre of agriculture land. The parents were living in the thanda itself. The family earns daily wage. They will sometimes migrate to Guntur in search of work. Saroja gave birth to three daughters and a son named Anuja (5 Y), Sarita (3 Y), Ram Murthy (2 Y) and as a last trial for son but itís again a daughter on 15/12/09. They decided not to look after the last girl child. The girl child is handed over to Mothilal mother and requested her to drop in the cradle in Devarkonda government hospital. This issue was known to Vidya volunteer (para teacher) and passed the information to Gramya team. The Gramya team met Mothilalís mother in Devarkonda bus stand. They were taken to the thanda. The team gave counseling to parents. They told Gramya will provide food support for six months including dal, rice and oil. The parents accepted this. Saroja is a SHG member and she took loan of Rs. 3000 and repaying them monthly. Food support was provided for six months.