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Pole Shankaramma's Case

Husband Name:Nagaraju

Case Details:

Shankaramma is from Appajipet, Nalgonda Mandal. Shankaramma is one of the six daughters and also the younger one in the family. They dont own any land. While Shankaramma was 16 years, she was raped by Nagaraju and he ran away to Mumbai until she delivered a baby boy. Shankaramma’s Parents explained the issue to Gramya staff. The staff with support from village members did marriage to Shankaramma and Nagaraju. By the time of marriage, her son is 3 months old. She gave delivery to second daughter and the staff advised her to undergo Tubectomy but the doctors identified that she lacks blood in her body. But after a few months, she became pregnant again and this time it is a girl child. This time she accepted to undergo Tubectomy which was carried out in Nalgonda district hospital. Now the younger daughter is 28 days old. The couple was not financially sound and he is going to daily wage work. He became an alcoholic and it is very difficult for Shankaramma to run the house. The family was provided food support including rice, dal, oil etc.