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Nenavath Bujji's Case

Husband Name:Mangtya
Village:Bhanya Bavoji Thanda

Case Details:

Bujji (30y) was married to Mangtya (54y) two years ago. Bujji is mentally disabled. Mangtya is a widower. Due to snake bite, Kamala passed away. Kamalaís daughter Lalitha (7y) is studying in Pulya Thanda which is a neighboring village. They own a house and donít own any land. Due to mental disability, Bujji is not going for work. Mangtya is working as a daily wage worker in Devarkonda. On 17/07/09, Bujji delivered a girl baby in government hospital. On 30/07/09, Bujji and Mangtya came to a neighboring house of Gramya hostel and struggled with Sister Sujana to look after girl baby as there is no milk. Sister Sujana told this issue to Gramya Team. The team told that they will help the family. On 31-07-09, the couple came to the hostel and told that they did not want any help and started running away. They wanted to sell the girl. MPTC member, Mudigonda Ravinder Reddy along with Gramya team went to their home and gave counseling to Mangtya, he then agreed to keep the baby and signed a paper to that effect. On 01/08/09, the Gramya team went to meet ward members Jaipal Naik, group leader N Shanti, Padma, Sony, Sakroni and told that the team is ready to help the family by providing milk, rice, dal, and oil and requested all the members to monitor the girl baby carefully. The ward members suspected that Mangtya also is sometimes behaving as mentally ill. The case was explained to Rama Krishna, Sub Inspector in the Police Station. The Police men also started monitoring the family by making phone calls.