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K Saidamma's Case

Husband Name:Sri Ramulu

Case Details:

Saidamma was married to Sri Ramulu 10 years ago. Saidamma has two daughters, Sri Vani (3 years) and the younger girl is one year old. Sri Vani goes to Anganwadi School. Sri Ramulu met with an accident falling down from a tractor 15 years ago and damaged his kidneys. Sri Ramulu is also suffering with Diabetes and has wounded his leg. He is being treated at the Government Hospital and is unable to work. Since the family does not have any other source of income except their labor. Saidamma was planning to give away her younger daughter. Gramya staff member Ms Prameela came to know of Saidamma’s situation. Saidamma was unable to look after her daughters due to poverty and is also afraid she will have to give dowries for her daughter’s marriage. She estimated that a minimum of Rs. Two lakhs is required for each daughter for their studies and marriage. Also she said that her husband is not in a position to earn money or look after the family and so she decided to give away one daughter. Ms Prameela suggested that she could be helped if she wanted to keep her children. Saidamma was very happy to do so. Gramya helped the family by providing rice, dal, and oil for six months. Currently Sri Ramulu and his children are staying at home and Saidamma is working. Saidamma decided to limit her family and has had a Tubectomy.