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Angothu Savithri's Case

Husband Name:Angothu Raju

Case Details:

Savithri was married to Raju six years ago. The couple has three daughters named Vennela (5y), Renuka (4y) and Lokeswari (3y). All the girls are going to Anganwadi. They own one and half acres of which is not cultivated. They live in a small hut. The couple work as wage labor. Raju wanted a son, but they had another daughter. Raju forced Savithri to put the baby in the cradle at the PHC in Devarkonda. This cradle has been provided by the Government at the PHC where women come for child birth. The women are able to abandon their children anonymously. Savithri along with her baby came to Devarkonda Hospital. Gramya has been promoting the policy to help women to keep their children instead of killing, selling, or giving them away. In the past, we have discussed the Government policy with the District Collector and insisted that women should be posted at the cradle so that they could record who had given away the child. This was done. The Government of AP promotes SHG formation. SHG leaders also act as Social Action Committees. When Gramya got information about Savithri, she was counseled to keep her daughter which she was keen to do. Her husband had pressurized her to give away the girl. Savithri was frightened to take her daughter home because she was worried that her husband would kill the child. Gramya staff took her back to the village, Motsyathanda and met women leaders at the Block Head Quarters. Gramya staff along with other women leaders called her husband and counseled him to keep the child. They also warned him that if the child was hurt, he would be imprisoned. He has promised to keep the daughter safe. Raju is keen to have another son and so wants to plan for another baby. The couple have submitted a written note, not to kill their daughter. Raju wants to have a son and will therefore have another baby. The village SHG members (Chandi, Poli) and Anganwadi teacher Kavitha have promised to keep an eye on the child. Gramya will provide 50 Kg of rice, 3 Kg of Dal, oil, and vegetables for the family.