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Nenavath Suvvi's Case

Husband Name:Balram
Village:Kattakommmu Thanda

Case Details:

My name is Suvvi. My husbandís name is Balaram. We own our own house but have no land. Both of us work as daily wageworkers but my husband drinks a lot and harasses me. He does not buy enough food for the house. We are facing a lot of hardship and I have five children. Four daughters and one son. Revathi is in school in class three, Renuka is in second class, and Kasturi is three years old. Rajesh is two and a half years and the youngest Roopa is four months old. I lost one baby girl after my son was born and became pregnant immediately. I was hoping for a boy but another girl was born. Because of my difficult situation I sold my daughter. When the girls grow up, we will have to give a lot of dowry. From where can we get the money? When I was in hospital a stranger asked me to give him the baby because his daughter did not have any children. He paid me one thousand rupees and asked us to sign a bond paper that I would not ask the baby back. My daughters are studying in Devarkonda and the girls told their teacher that I had given away the baby. The master from the school came to check if this was true. I told him that I had given the baby away. Next day it was reported in the newspaper. The police came and talked to us and threatened to file a case against us. They brought the baby back but there is no one to look after her. I have no breast milk and I have to stay at home to look after the baby. Without my income it is difficult.