Gramya Audit Reports
    Audit Report 2014-15
    Audit Report 2013-14
    Audit Report 2012-13
    Gramya Brochure
    Anti Polavaram Dam Report
    Campaign to Prevent Traffickking masked as Adoption
    Twelfth Plan Working Group On Disadvantaged Farmers, Including Women
Gramya Annual Reports
     Annual Report 2007-08  
     Annual Report 2008-09
     Annual Report 2010-11
     Annual Report 2011-12  
     Annual Report 2012-13  
     Annual Report 2013-14  
     Annual Report 2014-15  
     Annual Report 2015-16  
     Annual Report 2016-17  
     Back to Basics Annual Report 2016-17  
     Ensuring Rights of Women and Girls Annual Report 2016  
     Annual Report B2B Feb 2009 – Oct 2009
     About Gramya
     Campaign to prevent Sex Selection Abortions
     Constitutional Rights and Patriarchal Barriers
     ICCO - Campaign to Stop Female Infanticide and Sale of girl babies
     Inclusive Education Ensuring the Rights of the Girl
     Mainstreaming Women to Claim Land Rights
     People’s Mid Term Appraisal of the Eleventh Five
     Promoting Right to Health
     Gender Perspectives to Access Development Entitlements and Review Women's Programmes
Other Documents
     Child Sex Ratio in Nalgonda District
     Charter for SHG empowerment
     Creating Access Control and Ownership of Poor and Dalit Women to Land in the Context of Creating Food Sovereignty
     Global Financial and Economic Crisis and its Impact on Women 22-aug
     Gramya gender policy
     Women, Trade, Ecology and Development


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